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Delphix is the industry leading data company for DevOps

Automated DevOps data platform, “masking” data for privacy compliance, securing data from ransomware, and delivering efficient, “virtualized” data for CI/CD and digital transformation.

Data is critical for testing application releases, modernization, cloud adoption, and AI/ML programs. Delphix provides an automated DevOps data platform. Delphix masks data for privacy compliance, secures data from ransomware, and delivers efficient, virtualized data for CI/CD and digital transformation.

  • Production Resiliency: Reduce application downtime and MTTR by 65%

  • Cloud Adoption: Migrate applications and data to the multi-cloud over 20% faster

  • DevOps, CI/CD, TDM: Deliver features and releases 50% faster while improving quality

  • AI & ML: Access 90% more data to train AI models

  • Legacy Modernization: Transform legacy apps 30% faster including mainframe, ERP, trading, claims, billing, and more

  • Ransomware Protection: Instantly recover business-critical applications with continuous data protection

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Delphix Solution

Delphix provides essential data APIs for DevOps, including data provisioning, refresh, rewind, integration, and version control. Delphix supports all apps from mainframe to cloud native across the multi-cloud, including SaaS, private and public clouds

The Delphix DevOps Data Platform serves as the foundation for data automation across hundreds of the world’s leading organizations. By increasing data supply to the business, leading companies across all industries have unlocked significant value from compliant data.

Transforming businesses and the world with the strategic, sustainable use of data

Delphix provides the bedrock of your non-production data initiatives (i.e. Production Data used in Test & Production Off-load) by providing a Programmable Data Infrastructure and service that delivers data with speed, security, simplicity and self-service autonomy.  It automates data provision and usage and provides cloud based central management and user control.  It is especially efficient at extracting, masking and distributing production data to non-production environments, delivering data for your DevSecOps, DataSecOps and CI/CD initiatives.  Quite simply Delphix will completely transform the way you view & handle data.

Delphix is a ubiquitous data delivery and data protection platform that can run on premise and on public and private cloud infrastructure.

Key Product Features:

Data Control Tower – Central management for control point for automating, controlling, and monitoring Delphix Virtualization and Masking Engines

Virtualization – Fast agile simple data. Radically improve the delivery of data in databases and filesystems

Masking - Data Protection and De-Identification. Secure your enterprise by automatically replacing sensitive data with a realistic, non-sensitive equivalent

Self Service – for DevTest User Empowerment. Delphix Self Service enables application teams with self-service data control

Replication - Data Distribution: Efficiently and securely migrate data across locations, on-premises or in the cloud

Virtualization SDK - Ubiquitous Data Support, extend Delphix Virtualization to additional data sources

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