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Your office on the cloud – your work data, your process and workflows that enable your people, every minute of every workday.


ZYNAPSE is all-in-one powerful multipurpose solution platform for unified task management, data collection, data management, data views, data visualization, automation & omni channel communication.


Zynapse has been designed and developed ground up with rich feature set and intuitive interface that ensures your organization is ready to meet the business challenges straight out of the box.


  • Uninterrupted access to data

  • Agile yet defined process and protocols

  • An ability to simplify and create clarity

  • Have unified communication channels

  • Remain streamlined – Automate, monitor and refine

  • OneTeam


Zynapse is a unified and modular platform which allows fast end to end business operations digitalisation.


Zynapse is an affordable zero code platform to manage and rapidly deploy digital operations using simple building blocks.


This allows you to build fast, scalable solutions by bringing rapid incremental changes to your business through digitalisation.

Zynapse has the features needed to make the most critical process of your business simpler, leaner and more efficient

  • Comprehensive Task Management

  • Centralized Data Store

  • Intuitive Workflow

  • No Code Cloud Solution

  • Dynamic Dashboard for Monitoring

  • Integrated Communication

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