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Zero-Trust Protection for Hybrid & Remote Working

Sentrybay secures business applications accessed on corporate and BYOD/BYOPC devices against information-stealing malware and other threats to data.


Proactive & Enforceable Armored protection

Armored Client prevents data loss from devices, creating digital parity for remote users.

A unique combination of application confinement, kernel level anti-keylogging, screen capture and DLL-injection protection, helps enterprises achieve low-cost deployment and full regulatory compliance.


SentryBay has pioneered a layered, shielded approach to data and endpoint security for the enterprise. The SentryBay suite of products has converged into an armored client to protect employees, including remote workers, suppliers and anyone else you want to connect to your corporate network.

Distinctive to SentryBay is its anti-keylogging and anti-screen scraping technology which instantly creates a cloud-based ecosystem in which local or SaaS applications can securely run, and data is protected.

Designed to complement existing cyber security solutions, SentryBay is the final piece in the security stack jigsaw, easily downloaded in one-click to complete your armored shield against cyberattacks

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Key Sentrybay Offerings

Less than 50% of attacks are detected by most antivirus, AV and EDR solutions because they’re not designed to manage remote and BYOD endpoints. When it comes to comprehensive protection for applications and data, most cyber security solutions fall short of the mark. Why?

Because they were designed to work on endpoint devices within the corporate perimeter, not on the unmanaged remote, BYOD or BYOPC endpoints that most enterprises now rely on. So, whether you are already using anti-virus or endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions or have deployed a Virtual Private Network (VPN), SentryBay fills the gaps to secure the data flow across your entire corporate cloud ecosystem.

Deployment Scenarios:
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WFH / Remote Working

Whether your remote workers are browsing online, accessing applications, or facilitating payments, they are secure, and so are your vital corporate assets

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Because of its unique, patented ability to protect remote endpoints – especially from keylogging and screen capture malware residing on that endpoint - SentryBay is as effective in defending virtual desktops as it is in combatting attacks on physical devices

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SentryBay eliminates breaches assisting you in meeting the requirements of PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, FFIEC layered security and internal infosec requirements.

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SentryBay can help by creating a secure framework for all the endpoint devices that your employees, suppliers or customers use to connect with you, without compromising on their own privacy


‍The Armored Client provides real time patented protection to applications and data without needing to detect and respond to threats. It does this by using kernel level prevention of data exfiltration, even if threats exist, combined with the secure wrapping of applications and injected security.


The Armored Client takes a layered approach to protecting endpoint devices being used remotely to access your applications and data and to support secure online browsing. Whether your employees are using unmanaged, BYOD or managed endpoint devices, all your corporate apps are targeted on the endpoint and run in a secure session.

  • Meets infosec and compliance requirements for data, risk and endpoint management - PCI, FFIEC, HIPAA, GDPR etc.

  • Easily enables remote working - simple to centrally configure, distribute, manage and support software (and can be bundled with other apps)

  • Works alongside, and crucially plugs key gaps in, all other security software and solutions, including VDI, AV, EDR and VPN


The Armored Browser delivers a locked-down, cross-platform, customised tool that crucially incorporates SentryBay’s patented anti-keylogging and anti-phishing technology.


Armored Browser provides secure access and use of SaaS applications used by multiple sectors including online banking, brokerage, wealth management, insurance, healthcare, government and eCommerce. ‍The solution wraps the designated application, provides designated browser tabs and looks like a dedicated application rather than a browser. It also loads the application more quickly as well as more securely, to promote ease of use.

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To guard against the threat of keylogging, SentryBay software replaces the actual keystrokes with fake random keys which the keylogger malware receives – displayed as a ‘data scrambler’ – to demonstrate the protection provided.

  • Most secure – yet simple - method of accessing SaaS and web applications

  • Works seamlessly on BYOD and BYOPC devices – easily deployed for employees and customers alike.

  • Fully customisable – branding, tabs, whitelists etc

Armored Browser also protects end users against the following common threats:

  • Man-in-the-Browser – by blocking third party extensions, developer tools and APIs from interacting with the browser session

  • Man-in-the-Middle - checks Certificate issuers against whitelisted domains to block these attacks

  • Malware on the endpoint – by blocking data being captured via keylogging and screen scraping malware on the endpoint


CryptoSentry stops ransomware. Once installed on your employees’ devices, it will constantly monitor for suspicious encryption activity.

Ransomware is the fastest growing cyber threat over recent years and it will affect your business unless you take action to stop the encryption of files. 

BEFORE you are targeted. Because ransomware is an attack on the availability of data, our CryptoSentry solution is designed to prevent it getting access to data so it can encrypt files.  Once installed on your employees’ devices, it will constantly monitor for suspicious encryption activity. If its algorithms determine a threat, it will proactively prevent file encryption.


CryptoSentry also displays a view of the encryption so you always know what is happening if you want to and it will protect against ransomware that is missed by antivirus solutions.


  • Proactively blocks any ransomware attacks that encrypt files, without needing to detect the malware itself

  • Simple to deploy and needs no user configuration or interaction to be effective

  • Can be combined with other SentryBay solutions like Data Protection Suite or Armored Browser

​​There is no need for you or your employees to update the software for it be effective, even against new threats, and no user training is required, making it a simple but highly effective ransomware defence.

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