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We didn’t pick them, they chose us

Representing all the Partners below has allowed them to flourish in the MENA region with little input, cost and effort on their part. As Distributors we handle the lead registration, delegation and rebate to the channel presenting this to them as a monthly pipeline. We assist in directing marketing and show attendance to best utilize any available budget for maximum return.

This helps our partners to grow into the region and lay down roots for long term engagement with prospective clients.



EFT is a managed file transfer (MFT) solution that provides security and compliance features to ensure your business can share information safely. Unlike traditional file transfer software, this MFT provides enterprise-level data security as well as data transfer automation through integration with back-end systems.


FACT 360

Intelligent Fraud Analysis & Corporate Threat Detection

Using the latest AI and unsupervised machine learning technology to analyse communication networks, FACT360 uncovers information that is critical to your organisation or investigation – generating results that are impossible to achieve in other ways.

For Investigators: FACT360 can act as an early warning system to identify risks as they arise but also be used to find key evidence during an investigation into a specific event.

For Human Resources: FACT360 identifies the most critical people in your organisation thus can help you identify the hidden experts and knowledge centres.



Zero-Trust Protection for Hybrid & Remote Working

Sentrybay secures business applications accessed on corporate and BYOD/BYOPC devices against information-stealing malware and other threats to data.



Delphix is the industry leading data company for DevOps

Automated DevOps data platform, “masking” data for privacy compliance, securing data from ransomware, and delivering efficient, “virtualized” data for CI/CD and digital transformation.



Your office on the cloud – your work data, your process and workflows that enable your people, every minute of every workda

Zynapse is all-in-one powerful multipurpose solution platform for unified task management, data collection, data management, data views, data visualization, automation & omni channel communication.


Zynapse has been designed and developed ground up with rich feature set and intuitive interface that ensures your organization is ready to meet the business challenges straight out of the box.

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